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Visiting Windsor, ON on March 10-20, 2024.

Message me to book. 💋❤️

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Moving to Vanacouver, BC.

I am moving to Vancouver, BC on May 24, 2023. Thank you Calgary for being amazing, I will miss the city and everyone I met during my stay in Calgary, I will book future trips to Calgary, AB. Please ke

Moving away from Calgary .

Hi Everyone. I am about to embark on a new business and personal adventure. I will announce my new adventure when it is ready. But this means I need to move out of Calgary, AB. Move date: June 1st, 2

Visiting Totonto, ON on Saturday.

Hi, I had to leave Toronto early. So wasn't able to stay for the whole week I booked one more day in Toronto on Saturday. I still have some appointments available. Contact me to book: 403-542-1106

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