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2022 Christmas special is now finished ..

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Thank you to everyone who supported this special. It's now finished for this holiday season.


Happy Holidays.🎄


Annual Christmas Special

It is that time of year again. Christmas for some can be difficult for some during the holidays. This year I added a couple of different Charities that I would like to donate too.

1 ( Calgary Food Bank Food Hamper for low income Families)

If you bring me at least $25+ worth non-perishable food , toys, gift card, or cash donation for the Calgary Food bank, I give 1.5 hours at the cost of 1 hour of $250.00. This has been a very successful campaign for me and over the years I have helped to make several families Christmas.



If you bring me a $50.00 worth non-perishable food , toys, gift card, or cash or a Vanilla Master Card purchasable at any Shoppers Drug Mart or chain convenience store, I will give you 3 hours for $500. If you want a 6 hour appointment dinner in included.. We will meet at my place in Calgary's Downtown Core..

If you book 5 hour appointment, then drinks & dinner is included.


2 ( Calgary Humane Society)

If you are an animal lover like I am, I would like to think of our furry friends who are having a hard time and stuck in the One of our shelters.. You pick which one. . I would like to help by giving donations, food, toys or anything else that could make the animals stay in the shelter a little better.

If you bring Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Bird/Horse food, toys, pet care products, gift card, or cash or a Vanilla Master Card ect worth at least $25 I will see you 1.5 hours for my one hour rate of $250 and 3 hours for $500 plus at least $50 for the animal shelters for our needy pets at the shelters..

Contact me to book this special. 403-542-1106 or best way to get ahold of me

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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